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Growth opportunities for equestrian businesses


We advise livery yards and riding schools how to achieve better financial results. Increased commercial, financial and operational efficiency will be achieved through proven and established methods.
Our team has experience in growing a successful equestrian business as well as other diverse enterprises.
The management team has experience in business exits which can take place in various forms.
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We provide hands on advice for all your commercial, finance and sales planning.
The team will provide you with market research and marketing plans specific to your business and region.
Therefore, social media and relevant marketing campaigns will be devised to drive customers to your door. Read more

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Site specific assistance can be provided on all commercial matters and we give an independent viewpoint on improving financial and cash controls.
We focus on client capture and retention so improved marketing and sales campaigns will be the result. 
Staff efficiency will be monitored as well as HR reviews including updates of policies if required.
Managing exits and realising value tomeeting your aspirations can be a challenge, so we will access the legal and financial advice if needed, to ensure you maximise your return.
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Equestrian business is an exciting land diversification option.
Utilising existing farm or estate facilities and relevant on-site skills, equine enterprises can provide a relatively low capital cost entry into a diverse and profitable enterprise.
Our team can assist from initial business plans, marketing, compliance, recruitment and training.
Increase footfall and improve your cash flow.
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Free to access Blogs and Webinars,
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Our team is experienced in start-ups, profit generation, sales and marketing, financial controls and operations plans for livery yards and riding schools


When we first started there was no help anywhere, from anyone in the equestrian business sector. No detailed in depth business knowledge about riding establishments was readily available. Well now there is, so please read our blogs and join us at our webinars or regional events. These pages will be regularly updated with free to access information specific about running a livery and riding centre business.

events and webinars

If you have read our blogs and find them relevant to your business you will certainly find our webinars and regional events of interest. The free to access webinars are where we discuss matters that are of specific relevance to improving the performance of your equestrian centre. Our local events are bookable in advance on a first come first served basis so book early. Check here for upcoming dates and times.

book a call or contact us

Why not book a no obligation call with us to find out more about our services and what we do for you. We will only propose a service once we have spoken directly with you. You may prefer a site visit which can be arranged. When we have agreed what might best suit the needs of your business we will suggest one of our innovative pricing options. Alternatively email us with any questions that you may have.
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Our present statistics are based on published industry research.
Our unique bench marking tools provide valuable information to enable you track performance in this niche sector. Used in conjunction with your key performance indicators, our clients will gain access to the most up to date business information anywhere in the equestrian market.





We have experienced partners in our portfolio

Starting or developing an equestrian business requires careful consideration to matters such as advice from surveyors, planning consultants, accountants and solicitors. We have a portfolio of professionals with expertise in their respective fields which enables us to deliver a comprehensive solution for our clients whether its start up, existing business or you are looking to exit.

Potential clients often say “Consultants and advisors are costly and only tell you what you already know”

There is a  general perception that business development advisers can be costly. Also being generalists, without having experienced your particular issues the advice could be well meaning, but not really offer the solution you are after.

Equine Business Consultancy has a team with highly relevant experience. We only supply individuals with the ability to tackle your specific needs. Pricing is important too in this difficult sector, so we have developed a tiered approach, which means you only pay for what you need. If you don’t value the advice, then stop paying us!

We also provide bespoke solutions for larger and long term projects, but these are quoted, so you know what your costs are going to be in advance.

Our innovative pricing options enables small businesses to start on a low cost base and then increase the services in line with the growth of their business.


We have provided our clients with a broad range of services and their testimonials are available to read here

Our Team

The in-house skills available to your business, ranges from highly qualified British Horse Society professionals, plus senior roles in organisations covering operations, finance, commercial, marketing, start-ups and staff training. Our experience stretches over a wide spectrum of industry and by further adding industry specialist planning consultants, surveyors, accountants and solicitors we offer a complete team of relevant equine sector professional advice.

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