About Us

Equine Business Consultancy exists only to advise and assist the growth and development of equestrian centres, livery yards and riding schools.

We passionately believe in the many benefits associated with horse riding, but many centres are closing or downsizing with few new entrants to the sector. Why is this?

By helping riding centres be as entrepreneurial as they can be by maximising their potential, we can assist existing and new equestrian businesses grow & expand. This sector, like many others currently has some difficulties, but we take advantage of opportunities they thought were unavailable, or unachievable. By improving business plans, operations and marketing strategies, their income and quality of life increases at the same time. Contact us now to take the first step.

Our management team has experience in business exits which can take place in various forms. Realising value and meeting your aspirations can be a challenge and valuation is a only starting point. Correct and proper preparation of financial reports and detailed legal documents all add value to a sale. A business sale can be managed in various ways. For example, you may be looking to retire, pass the business over to a family member, sell outright or partial sale to realise capital. We have experience in this field plus we can access the legal and financial advice needed to ensure you maximise your return.

Our team are always supportive of your vision but two heads are sometimes better than one. Check out blogs and news for examples. With a positive and fresh look from the outside, achieving your vision, profitably,  is always our goal. You may even get back to having time away from the business for yourself!

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