Have you considered equestrian diversification? Do you think horses are a money pit and no-one can be successful working with horses in a commercial activity? It will be worth joining our webinar on Wednesday 4th November for a different perspective.

We understand there are frustrations and concerns about any diversification such as planning, finance, and tax, let alone the affect on any farm payments, which we know are reducing annually. Furthermore, the skills required are perceived as a tricky issue.

But consider this. Most farmers have animal husbandry skills of one sort or another, they have land, they have buildings perhaps? Have they already diversified with holiday lets, camping/glamping, farm shop etc? What about turning those bridleways and public access routes into a valuable income stream? If any of this is applicable, then use of existing land and buildings at comparatively little cost can add valuable revenue when its needed most.

By working for you to assist with business planning and implementing the next move, can avoid wasted time and creates a better chance of your success more quickly.

Our informative webinar will show you how these frustrations can be overcome and increase the chances of successful growth and expansion.

We look forward to meeting you on Wednesday 4th November at 11am. Register here.