The Market:
Annual spending in the equestrian sector £4.7bn

5m ex-rider households in GB

10% increase in rider participation in the last 12 months

However, the trends show some challenging statistics:

Horse owning households in GB fallen to 374,000 down from 446,000 in 2015

22% of ex-riders that cannot get back to riding because of no access to a horse or cannot find anywhere to ride

55% of riders have taken a break from riding at some point

(National Equestrian Survey 2019)

Improving your riding centre profit & performance will be achieved by focussing on these 5 main categories:

  1. Improve the lifetime value of each customer
  2. Cash management
  3. Retaining customers – high standards, value for money, customer experience
  4. Cost control and metrics
  5. Increase the number (and quality) of new customers

Profit can only be generated by

– having the best customer base, you can attract and retain
– having the best professional staff
– delivering value for money
– controlling cost and cash

The owner will need to constantly focus on these objectives and not be distracted from these profit generation initiatives.

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