SECTION 1 – Improve the lifetime value of each customer

The quality of service the business provides will directly relate to the quality of clients that you can attract and therefore the rate of income you can derive from each client.

Centres need to provide services and activities that relate directly to your customer requirements, and ones that can be delivered to the highest possible standards.

Listed below are 5 key items, there are many more, that are specific to livery yards (inc. event/competition/specialist yards) and riding schools service delivery:

Livery Yards                                                                     Riding Schools

Range of livery services that can be                            Lowest possible starting age with caring and
uplifted as required by customers                               encouraging instructors incentivised by retention

Messenger systems for customers                             Full range of lesson types available, longest hours possible

Guaranteed access to riding arenas.                           Feedback after every lesson to track and maintain
Booking system!                                                              progression planning is essential. Booking system!

Carefully and proactively managed                             Accredited facilities and a wide range
customers to avoid  cliques and                                  of skilled, qualified instructors who prepare lesson
yard politics. Communication.                                     plans in advance of every lesson

High standards of welfare, yard                                   Retention policy for life e.g. beginner, to pony share,
cleanliness and tidiness plus diligent                         to horse owner/livery to competitor to employee, to
grazing management. Yard policies.                          Ambassador.

Using this model as a starting point and implementing the other guidelines in this book, it is not unreasonable to assume livery customers shouldn’t  stay at your stables for at least 5 – 10 years and riding school customers would stay for their riding life. During this period, they will absorb and be grateful even, for price increases at least in line with inflation and above.

During each customer’s lifetime their needs and outcomes should be cared for and enacted wherever possible. Customers will not bond with your programmes and plans but with your efforts to improve them, whilst receiving customer satisfaction and value for money.

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