SECTION 3 – Retaining customers – setting high standards, delivering value for money and a high-quality customer experience

The Invested Customer

The process starts with the first enquiry about availability of a stable or riding lessons. New customers make enquiries not just because of the presumed skills available but with the expectation of good service, value for money and an excellent client experience. They also want knowledge plus safe secure facilities and a warm welcome, so they feel valued.

Perceived value by a customer comes about through:

– you demonstrate a positive interest in their horse
– you show a keen interest in their desired outcomes
– your business spends the time to encourage and praise
– you have a development plan that meets their needs

New customers will look to you and your staff for guidance and knowledge provided it can be explained in ways they understand and not in highly technical horsey speak (a problem by many owners and instructors).

– don’t use jargon or technical terms (unless they expressly want to know more), or already have the requisite experience.
– don’t be impatient with their learning progress – we all started at the bottom at some point.
– do encourage people to learn, but don’t be patronising or force information on them.
– yard owners and instructors that are demeaning and belittling are old hat and not welcome.

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