Equestrian business services provided by experienced management professionals

Our services are delivered by our equine business professionals from a wide variety of corporate backgrounds so you can be assured the best person will be allocated to your needs. Whether you are new to the sector, an experienced riding centre owner or looking for farm diversification we are able to advise and assist with driving a profitable business for the long term.

start up businesses

Starting a new business involves spinning many plates at a time and it starts with your vision.
Putting that vision into place can seemingly take forever and the more resources you have at the start the quicker your dream will come to fruition.
Start-up costs can also be tricky to control, so ensuring you have the right budgets and plans in place from day one, coupled with realistic income planning will enable the process to be more easily controlled.
Our team will be there to provide hands on or background advice depending on your needs. For example, British Horse Society compliance can be reviewed in-line with their guidelines on how to achieve higher ratings and advice on how to improve ratings for local council riding school inspections (if applicable).

existing businesses

Whether you are a seasoned professional or newcomer to the industry, every business suffers a little pain here and there.
Our focus is only ever on the actual problem you are trying to overcome. Our team will identify the actual problem with you, research the issues and propose a solution. You are always the client and in control.
If you require us to help implement the solution then we can discuss that with you.
Our monthly service is favoured for being supportive and engaging with our clients but not intrusive. The cost of the service is also minimised in this way.
Our management team has experience in business exits which can take place in various forms. Realising value and meeting your aspirations can be a challenge and valuation is a only starting point. Correct and proper preparation of financial reports and detailed legal documents all add value to a sale. A business sale can be managed in various ways. For example, you may be looking to retire, pass the business over to a family member, sell outright or partial sale to realise capital. We have experience in this field plus we can access the legal and financial advice needed to ensure you maximise your return.

farm diversification

You know about farming and we know equestrian business.
The common factor is the rural economy which is undergoing massive change.
The equine diversification opportunities can be huge – have you read our blogs?
By engaging with our professionals who have been there and done it, and combining the knowledge you have of your land and farm current capabilities its an irresistible proposition.
With an untapped market in large parts of the country we can help you unlock the income potential at your disposal.

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