Event: Free Webinar

Taxation advice for equestrian businesses

13th January 2021 – 11am to 12.30pm

With guest speaker Lucie Hammond from Hazlewoods Business Advisers & Accountants


Professional Equestrians

You may be an owner of an equestrian business looking to expand, diversify your services, or acquire more land. You might be an instructor, trainer or centre manager interested in starting an equestrian business in your own right, but not sure what taxes apply to your business. Who do you speak to get professional and experienced advice on this complicated and rich in jargon area of business? Join us to find out more about how taxation is important to your business and how you can make it work for you.

Farm and estate diversification

Diversification has been a revolution for many UK farms and estates, especially where they are looking to generate new income streams. Whether you are trading or renting will have an impact on your tax affairs. See why we believe it can be a rewarding initial or secondary diversification project. We will give some insight into how this process can start whilst covering all the tax angles. 

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John McDonald

Webinar host: John McDonald

  • Case study – real-life example of tax matters concerning developing a farm into an equestrian centre
  • Structure -sole trader, partnership, LLP, Limited company. The importance of partnership arrangements
  • VAT and the implications
  • Farm diversification – income stream – trading or renting
  • IHT/succession planning/exit/CGT
  • Accountants and equestrian consultants working together