Event: Free Webinar

Finance & Funding for Equestrian Businesses

2nd December 2020 – 11am to 12.30pm

With guest speaker David Pilling from Rural & Business Specialists

Professional Equestrians

You may be an owner of an equestrian business looking to expand, diversify your services, or acquire more land. You might be an instructor, trainer or centre manager interested in starting an equestrian business in your own right, but not sure how to raise funding to buy a business and finance the working capital requirements. How do you present a professional proposition to get the funds you need? Join us to find out more about the wide variety of financial options available to grow your business or realise you dreams.

Farm diversification

Diversification has been a successful policy in the UK. See how you might consider diversifying into a profitable equestrian enterprise to suit your farm, without becoming a money pit? There are specific financial options available to farms. Other concerns such as tax/planning/skills training will be covered in upcoming webinars. Learn why we believe it could be a rewarding initial diversification project, or secondary diversification projects. Starting with finance we will give some insight into how this process can start.


Professional services sector

You are in the financial sector or have dealing with financiers and have potential or existing equestrian clients presenting ideas and plans. We work with professionals with equestrian clients in providing an experienced viewpoint on your client’s business plans, vision and propositions using our industry expertise in running an equestrian enterprise. See how we can assist financiers in helping their clients business plans for start-ups or expansion in this niche sector. Join us see how we can work together to our mutual benefit.


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John McDonald

Webinar host: John McDonald

  • Case study – buying a farm to develop a successful equestrian centre
  • Managing cash without the need to borrow money
  • Current lending appetite for the equestrian market
  • How to increase your chances of securing the funds needed
  • Different types of financial products available to the sector
  • Alternative funding options that you might not be aware of outside of the banking sector