Event: Free Webinar 4th November 2020 – 11am to 12.30pm

Growth Opportunities for
Equine Businesses

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Professional equestrians

You might be an owner of an equestrian business looking to expand, diversify your services or even survive. Perhaps you are interested in starting a riding centre on your own but not sure of the best place to start. Are you seeing cash flow problems emerging due to the pandemic or other reasons and not sure how to reverse the situation? Join us to find out more about the wide variety of directions you can take to increase your opportunities in this sector but avoid some of the pitfalls along the way.

Farm diversification

Diversification is on everyone’s lips in the agricultural sector. But what type of diversification is the right avenue to follow? Equestrian business can divide farming opinion, but you will find some useful insight into how and when this might work for certain farms in the UK. Discover why we believe it could be a rewarding initial diversification project, or furthermore, for secondary diversification projects. Where can you go to start this process? Find out how this can be achieved whilst considering concerns such as finance, taxation, planning, skills.


Professional services

Are you looking to acquire new equestrian clients? You are in the professional services or financial sector and have equestrian clients or looking for more clients. We have worked with professionals in this sector to jointly acquire new equestrian private clients or businesses and to assist in vetting their client’s business plans, vision and propositions from the ground upwards. We continue to assist financiers in helping their clients formulate impressive, but viable business plans for start-ups or expansion in this niche sector. Join us see how we can work together to our mutual benefit.


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John McDonald

Webinar host: John McDonald

  • Why now is such a great time to start and grow your equestrian business
  • How to start-up your own business and develop a workable business plan
  • How you take your vision of working with horses to the next level
  • How and where you get the best advice and resources for improving your business
  • What the real equestrian business opportunities are that others have not seen yet
  • Which equestrian sectors can especially benefit from our experience and knowledge