Make plans for your riding centre

Riding centre businesses will be badly hit by this virus.

By putting some simple rules in place there is the opportunity to keep the business going, subject to new government guidelines:

General Provisions:

  1. Follow government guidelines
  2. Ensure customers and staff do not come to the yard if they are showing symptoms
  3. Make everyone wash their hands upon entering the facilities, before engaging in any activity
  4. Keep 2 metres distancing

Office and staff areas:

  1. Wash hands before entering the office
  2. Keep 2m distancing – provide waiting areas to keep the 2m rule in place
  3. Minimise visitors coming with customers

Riding school specific:

  1. Instructors to maintain 2m distance (unless H&S measures have to take priority)
  2. Instructors to wash hands before every lesson
  3. Minimise visitors to 1 per rider
  4. All stable management sessions to be carried out in an outdoor environment

Horse riding is non-contact, outdoors and healthy exercise . . .